About us
Incepted in 2005, Srinivasa Alloy Castings has years of successful business behind them and with the company thriving on challenge and innovation, it is more than ready to grab future opportunities. Srinivasa Alloy Castings has become one of the leading foundries in Hyderabad, India by producing Manganese Steel Castings and Hi-Chrome Castings. We have a production capacity of 300 Metric tons per month with a capacity of 1.7 Ton Single piece Casting.

Srinivasa Alloy Castings ensures Maximum Value Addition to our Customers by supplying Quality Products on Time.
Srinivasa Alloy Castings promises its customer to give them Quality Products through constant improvement in its Designing method, Manufacturing Process, Quality Control and Customer Service. At Srinivasa Alloy Castings are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by rendering best quality products together with ethical business standards and integrity.
Production facilities at Srinivasa Alloy Castings include Induction furnace, Heat Treatment Furnace, Air Compressor ,Grinding Machines, High Tech Laboratory and various Testing equipment such as Spectrometer, Hardness testing, Ultimate Tensile Strength(UTS), etc. so that we can cast the most complexly configured component as per customer requirement. Use of these new techniques of production helps us to achieve high rate of Versatility and in turn allows our customers to consolidate patterns at a single source for consistently high quality and competitiveness.
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