Srinivasa Alloy Castings has the State of the Art Infrastructure with the following production facilities.
  Melting   Induction Melting Furnace of 450 KW/ 2000 Kgs and 175 KW/ 500 kgs, digital temperature recorder, digital weighing scales etc,.
  Moulding   We make the moulds and cores by crushed Quartz sand also use Zircon & Olivine sand, where ever necessary.
  Pattern Shop   Well equipped with lathe, planner, vertical band saw machines etc., to make Wooden, Metallic Patterns with trained technicians to close   dimensional tolerances.
  Fettling Shop   Swing Frame Grinders, Pedestal Grinders, Pneumatic Fettling Tools, etc.
  Heat Treatment   Electric Furnace of 2 x 1.5x 1.5M Size - 02 No.s with recording and water quenching facilities.
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