Quality Control
A strong sense of commitment to Quality has been inculcated being carried out at all the stages of manufacturing such as Pattern Making, Melting, Moulding, Heat Treatment, Fettling, Testing, procurement of Raw Material and Consumables etc., Predetermined charge is put into the furnace and chemistry is checked with Spectrometer and addition of alloys is done as per required specification before pouring metal into moulds.
NDT Equipments
Mechanical Test Equipments
We have the following Quality Control Facilities
  Metal Temperature   Checked by Immersion Thermocouple digital recorder.
  Chemical Analysis   Spectrometer of GmbH-Germany make.
  Metallography   Equipped with Metallurgical Microscope and Accessories.
  Mechanical Testing   Equipped with 40 Ton UTM approved by Lloyds, Poldi Hardness Tester, BHN Tester,
  (3000 kgs/10mm dia ball),   Impact Testing Machine.
  NDT   Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, MPI DPT etc.,
  Measuring Instruments   Height Gauges, Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, and Scales etc.,
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